Can You Rent a Peloton Bike?

Just a few short months ago, there was no way to rent a Peloton bike from any exercise bike rental companies. The only way a person could enjoy riding a Peloton Bike was by either owning their exercise bike or using one that gym owners included with their fitness equipment or workout equipment.

While some gyms offered Peloton classes, many gym owners left customers with limited access to these and had to settle for other cardio equipment or a regular recumbent bike. Many began to research “can you rent a Peloton bike?” and sadly came up with, “No, you cannot rent a Peloton bike.” They were often told to check back next year. But is this still the answer?

Yes, You Can Rent a Peloton Bike

Thankfully, Peloton confirmed that this all changed in March of 2022, making the remote lifestyle a bit more of a reality for many Peloton bike enthusiasts. The answer to the question, “Can you rent a Peloton bike?” is now answered with a resounding, “Yes! Thanks to the Peloton rental program, you CAN rent a Peloton bike!”

Now, through the One Peloton Club, you can rent Peloton Bikes and get the full Peloton experience, whether using the Peloton app, or streaming cycling classes directly, and everything in between.

So now that they’ve joined the exercise bike rental companies, almost anyone can add one of these spin bikes to their home workout equipment.

Peloton Joins Exercise Bike Rental Companies

According to CNN News, Peloton has now joined the ranks of exercise bike rental companies. In fact, their new rental program is the very first significant change in strategy for their newly named CEO, Barry McCarthy. McCarthy came to Peloton bikes from Netflix, so he knows how profitable online rentals can be. The first states to rent Peloton bikes will be Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, and Florida.

Instead of making the commitment to purchase one of these bikes, a user can pay between $60 and $100 a month for the rental program. You can cancel at any time and return the bike, and there will be no extra cost. They’ve made it quite easy to rent Peloton bikes. If the rental option is expanded beyond these states, it could quickly become one of the most lucrative rental programs.

With their rental program, you can have access to the Peloton app and get the celebrity edge without paying celebrity prices. Up until now, if you wanted a Peloton bike in your home, you would need to pay $1495 for Peloton bikes and another $39 a month for access to stream cycling classes directly on the Peloton app.

How Does Peloton Rent Bikes?

You may wonder how does Peloton rent bikes, or how does their rental system work? For now, in order to rent a Peloton Bike, you will have to live in one of the four states that are offering this option. Through their rental program, you can pay the monthly fee to rent bikes and also have a membership pass or All-Access pass to the cycling classes, the digital app, and more.

You will need to pay a non-refundable delivery fee of $250, and you can always opt to either return the bike or pay out the remainder of its cost and switch to the $39-a-month payment rental programs. If you choose to opt-out and not rent a Peloton, you can simply cancel altogether, and they will even come and pick up the bike for free.

At the moment, you must live within 30 miles of one of their chosen showrooms, as seen on their company website location. These showrooms are currently in –

Florida: Aventura, Coral Gables

Minnesota: Bloomington, Edina

Texas: Highland Village, Houston, Market Street, and

Colorado: Denver, Lone Tree

To join the One Peloton Club and rent a bike, you will need to sign up for their rental system in person at one of the approved showrooms or sign up by phone for delivery within 30 miles of the showrooms. This offer is only good for the original Peloton. All fees will be automatically charged to your credit card monthly unless you cancel the rental option.

Why Rent a Peloton Bike?

While many were asking, “Can you rent a Peloton bike?” others may have been asking, “Why rent a Peloton exercise bike?” There a many reasons why you might choose to rent a Peloton bike over a regular studio spin bike.

The Peloton rental program makes it easy and beneficial to bring their exercise bike home with you. With their new rental plan, there is no reason why you cannot rent a Peloton. So why would you rent a Peloton bike?

Reasons to Rent a Peloton Bike

One of the first advantages of renting a Peloton Bike is the convenience. For those who want to add a Peloton to their workout equipment, but can’t afford the steep price all at once, their rental program or rental system makes it possible to basically purchase the bike on what is almost a rent-to-own basis. Since you can opt to buy out the remainder of the price of the exercise bike at any time, it works much like a lease purchase.

For those living a remote lifestyle, such as remote workers, renting a Peloton bike is a great idea. Their payment plan makes it possible to bring this piece of exercise equipment home. Peloton has a lot of advantages over most regular spin bikes and other exercise equipment, such as speakers on the side of the bike and a screen to take scenic rides with Peloton digital workouts. All of this will be available with their rental plan. Sounds much cooler than other studio spin bikes, huh?

Peloton Bike Remote Classes

Once you’ve climbed on the Peloton Bike or Bike+, you can pull up different classes that you can hear through the speakers and watch on the screen. An instructor will guide you through each session, allowing you the convenience of having a personal trainer in your home all while remaining one of the private people who’d rather workout alone.

You can even use a mobile device such as Google Chromecast to enhance your experience by casting the streaming classes or going on scenic rides right by your coffee table. For those who love to compete, you can open your experience up to a larger audience by using leaderboards to show off your workouts to your family and friends.

It isn’t only about cycling, however. Yoga exercises, stretching, and other cardio workouts are also a part of the Peloton experience. Once they expand their rental program, using a Peloton will be location independent, since you won’t have to go to the gym to use one. Their payment options make it easy for remote workers and others to use their equipment at home.

What Comes With the All-Access Membership?

Whether you choose to rent a Peloton bike or purchase one, you will need to pay for the All-Access Membership to enjoy the streaming classes, scenic rides, and other amenities. So, what comes with this pass?

An All-Access Pass member gets access to all of their live and on-demand classes as well as an individual profile for every person in their household who wants to use the exercise bike. You will also have the ability to use the Peloton app, which will allow you to access workouts from your Smart TV, tablet, laptop, and phone.

You can even access these live classes, on-demand classes, and scenic rides when you are not on your bike, for example, if you are working out at a friend’s house on another exercise bike. Their classes range from beginner to expert. You also have access to yoga, strength training, and more.

The Peloton Bike is Bluetooth enabled, and you can use a headset to listen in on classes, etc if you choose. When paired with any ANT+ compatible heart rate monitor, the Peloton will display your heart rate in real-time. Peloton also has an ANT+Bluetooth compatible heart rate monitor for those who would rather purchase from them. 

The bike’s warranty varies, depending on whether or not you are purchasing it or renting it. For those who purchase the bike, it comes with 12-month parts and labor warranty that fully covers the touchscreen and other components. The frame of the bike has a 5-year warranty. You can also choose to extend the limited warranty on your Peloton bike.

What About Purchase Options?

If you don’t want to wait until Peloton is available for rent in your area, or if you’ve never asked, “Can you rent a Peloton bike?” there are purchase options available to you. 

1 – Peloton Bike

This is the bike that will be available for those who choose to rent, It can be purchased outright for $1495 plus a $250 delivery and set up fee. It usually takes around two or three weeks from the date of purchase for a team to deliver the bike to your home, set it up and show you how to use it.

For those who qualify, you can make monthly payments on the Peloton bike for $45 a month. The All-Access Membership is an additional $39 a month. That offer comes with a 100-day home trial and 0% APR monthly financing. 

The 100-Day free trial gives you 100 days to explore your Peloton bike and see if it is a good fit for you and your family. If you decide that you do not want the bike within a hundred days, Peloton will pick it up, free of charge and give you a full refund.

Here is what the Peloton Bike offers.

  • A tilting screen to accommodate users of almost any height.
  • A 21.3 inch touch screen to watch streaming and on-demand classes, take epic virtual rides, and more.
  • 2 channel audio that comes in 2 x 10 watt speakers.
  • A resistance knob to allow for manual control of your workout.
  • A footprint that is smaller than most yoga mats at just 4 x 2 feet.
  • All-Access membership that includes thousands of exercise classes.

2 – Peloton Bike+

The Bike+ is not available for rent anywhere at this time but must be purchased. The starting price for this model is $2495, which includes free delivery and setup. You can opt to pay monthly payments of $59 a month. You have to pay for the $39 All-Access Membership separately with this bike as well.

This model was designed with a rotating screen that allows you to move from cycling to yoga, cardio, and more without taking your eyes off the instructor. Auto-resistance and Apple GymKit make it easier for you to level up your performance.

Here is what the Peloton Bike+ offers.

  • A screen that will rotate 360 degrees to allow the user to move from a cycling session to yoga or strength training without taking their eyes off of the screen.
  • A larger, 23.8 inch anti-reflective HD touchscreen.
  • 4 channel audio that comes in tweeters and full-range drivers for the sound that is studio-quality.
  • The same 4’ x 2’ footprint as the Peloton Bike.
  • A choice between manual resistance and auto-resistance is made to change your experience to match the cues given by the instructor.
  • Integration with Apple GymKit
  • Access to thousands of streaming and on-demand classes. 

You Will Also Need to Choose a Bike Package

For those who opt to purchase instead of renting a Peloton bike, there are also a few bike packages to choose from. 

Peloton Bike Packages – $250 Delivery and Setup Fee

Bike Basics – This is the original Peloton Bike with no extra accessories at a cost of $1495.

Bike Starter – This is the original Peloton Bike with cycling shoes, a choice of 1, 2, or 3 pound light weights, and a bike mat for a price of $1720.

Bike Select – This is the original Peloton Bike with cycling shoes, a choice of light weights, a bike mat, a water bottle, and a heart rate band at a price of $1825.

Bike Ultimate – This is the original Peloton Bike with cycling shoes, light weights, a set of dumbbells, a bike mat, a reversible floor training mat, a water bottle, and a heart rate band for a price of $1735 – $2035, depending on the size of the dumbbells.

Peloton Bike+ Packages – All Have Free Delivery and Setup!

Bike+ Basics – This is the original Peloton Bike+ with no extra accessories at a cost of $2495.

Bike+ Starter – This is the original Peloton Bike+ with cycling shoes, a choice of 1, 2, or 3 pound light weights, and a bike mat for a price of $2720.

Bike+ Select – This is the original Peloton Bike+ with cycling shoes, a choice of light weights, a bike mat, a water bottle, and a heart rate band at a price of $2825.

Bike+ Ultimate – This is the original Peloton Bike+ with cycling shoes, light weights, a set of dumbbells, a bike mat, a reversible floor training mat, a water bottle, and a heart rate band for a price of $2935 – $3035, depending on the size of the dumbbells.

Peloton On-Demand and Streaming Classes

Perhaps one of the features that sets Peloton apart from other exercise bikes is their amazing library of On-Demand and Streaming cycling and workout classes. They have several types of sessions available to All-Access Members. Here are a few.

Peloton has announced that they will be offering a new “Featured Artist Series” beginning in March of 2022, and they will feature Reba McEntire along with several other celebrities. The Featured Artist Series is just one of many types of cycling classes offered by Peloton for All-Access Members. 

The workout series is made up of direct collaborations with the artist in a partnership with Peloton. They’ve been at it a while, and have offered workouts with hundreds of artists, which are all available through the Peloton App. Most of these were Live Classes, but are available On-Demand now.

2 – 60-Second Free Trial Exercise and Cycling Classes

For those who would rather take a test drive before buying, Peloton offers free samples! On their Classes page, you can take a peek at mini-classes in Strength, Boxing, Running, Cycling, Yoga, Meditation, Stretching, Walking and much more!

They also offer different classes that require no equipment. Their Strength Stack, Strength for Runners, and Resistance Band Training, as well as Recovery and Mobility, and Focused Fitness are all excellent options. And that’s not even touching the surface of all of the cycling and exercise classes available on the Peloton Digital App to All-Access Members!


While it is only available in a few areas at this time, chances are good that the Peloton bike rental program will expand into other states in time. For those who do not want to wait until Peloton is available to rent in their area, several purchase options are available.

Peloton offers an enormous selection of online streaming or on-demand exercise classes on the Peloton digital app that enhance the user experience. We hope this article has helped to answer the question, “Can you rent a Peloton Bike?” and give you more insight into why you should purchase a Peloton. Feel free to browse our site for more informative posts!


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