Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

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Having the right set of gears is of prime importance in any workout session. It helps you to improve your performance and avoid injuries. You may not have any problem with other stuff, but finding shoes true to size can be a real challenge, especially if you have narrow or wide feet.

You might not have given this issue much thought until now. But the quality of physical exercises like cycling and running significantly depends on the shoes you wear. Even the expensive brand shoes will be of no use if they don’t fit your size. This is especially important if you plan to hop on a Peloton bike.

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about Peloton shoe sizing. Let’s start with the most basic question.

Do Peloton Shoes Run True To Size?

The simple answer is, yes, they run true to size. But it depends on a couple of factors. If you have standard or semi-narrow feet, peloton shoes fit relatively well. However, if you feel that the shoe is tight, you should consider sizing up by an inch.

Peloton offers its branded shoes in different sizes ranging from 36 to 43 (EU size), which is more than enough to address almost all men, women, and children on this planet. So find the size that fits you and have fun with it.

Peloton offers its shoes in half sizes so that you can find the best fitting one for you. When it comes to comfortability, there should be no compromise at all. It does not always have to be Peloton brand shoes. Any other peloton-compatible shoes will do the job. The bottom line is to find your exact fit.

What If Peloton Shoes Stretch?

Most of us go for less than our actual foot size when buying shoes hoping that the material will stretch. You can try that with your ordinary shoes, but not with Peloton shoes. They don’t stretch like other rubber shoes.

Peloton shoes are made of plastic and fabric material with relatively less elasticity. The upper part of the shoes is rigid, which gives the shoe a firm feel. The lower part is secured with cleats to clip with the Peloton pedal. Therefore, size matters here! Just drop the idea that peloton shoes stretch and go for the actual size. Period!

What To Consider When Buying Peloton Shoes?

Peloton shoes are exclusively designed for cycling activities. Whether you are a pro or a beginner, you should consider a few things before buying a pair.

1. Shoe Length

For running shoes, you may want to add a little extra space for your toes to avoid injury during the workout. But the same theory might not work for Peloton bikes. For cycling shoes, make sure that your feet rest properly without any room to slip forward. To better understand the length, take out the insole and see the point where your foot terminates.

2. Shoe Width

Shoe width is where most people will have problems adjusting their feet. Usually, you would measure the base of the toe because that’s the widest part of your feet. Go for a pair that goes easy on that part.

If you have wider feet, you might feel some pressure on your toe. It indicates that you should go for a half or a full size up than you usually wear. Always test ride the shoes on the bike to see if it is the right size for you. If you feel uncomfortable, change the shoe.

3. Accommodation

If you have considered the length and width of the shoes, your feet should sit well inside without any issue. This is important to maintain stable foot alignment during the movement.

Proper foot accommodation means there should not be any gap between the heels and rear end of the cycling shoes. If your feet do not fit properly in the shoes, they might come off when you are spinning at full speed. In addition, unnecessary movement of feet inside peloton shoes might lead to injury.

4. Easy Closure

Image of Peloton cycle shoe closure strap and text saying Are Peloton Shoes True To Size?

The enclosure system is one of the most significant yet overlooked aspects of cycling shoes. Once you have the peloton shoes true to size, consider the buckles or Velcro straps on them. It should be convenient to adjust and not get too loose or tight during the workout.

5. Midsole Cushions

Soles play a vital role in keeping the shoes intact throughout their use. Unfortunately, cycling exercise exerts significant pressure on the footwear, and poor quality soles can make your shoes unstable which directly lowers your performance.

Therefore, you should ride in Peloton bike shoes, or something similar, with safe and stiff soles that protect the lower part of your foot throughout cycling.

How To Measure Your Foot Size Correctly?

If you don’t know your foot size, you can measure it yourself at home to never have to guess it again. This is how you do it!

Step 1: Trace The Outline Of Your Foot

Get an A4 size paper and put it on a plane surface. Step on the paper and trace the outline of your foot. Mark the position of your toe and heel.

Step 2: Find The Length Of your Foot

Use a ruler to draw a straight line between the tip of the toe and the back of the heel. It’s a no-brainer that this line is the length of your foot. Note down the measurement.

Step 3: Find The Width Of Your Foot

For the width, determine the part of your foot that is widest. Then, mark each opposite end and measure the distance. Use a centimeter or inch as the unit for simplicity.

Step 4: Switch To The Other Foot

Repeat the same process on another clean sheet of paper for the other foot.

Now that you have both the length and width of your feet, you can tally the measurement with the peloton shoe size chart to find the right match for yourself.

Peloton Shoes Sizing Chart

The following Peloton shoe size chart shows the standard sizes of cycling shoes available for both men and women.

Women’s Shoes Size || Men’s Shoes Size

36 EU = 5 US || 40 EU = 7 US

37 EU = 6 US || 41 EU = 8 US

38 EU = 7 US || 42 EU = 9 US

39 EU = 8 US || 43 EU = 10 US

40 EU = 9 US || 44 EU = 10.5 US

41 EU = 10 US || 45 EU = 11 US

42 EU = 11 US || 46 EU = 12 US

43 EU = 12 US || 47 EU = 13 US

N/A || 48 EU = 13.5 US

Do You Have To Buy Peloton Shoes?

No, you don’t, it’s totally up to you. If you are having a hard time finding the right size of Peloton bike shoes, you can choose to go with your regular training shoes but you’ll have to use toe cages to secure your sneakers to the Peloton bike pedals.

Sizing Up Or Down For Peloton Shoes?

Finding perfectly fitting, true-to-size cycling shoes is a matter of trial and error. People with standard or semi narrow feet can get the right and snug fit. But if your usual size feels a little tight or loose with Peloton shoes, it’s an indicator that you have to either size up or down for a safe and comfortable ride.

Sizing Up

If your toes are being squeezed even with your regular shoe size, it’s an indicator that you have wide feet. Additionally, try sticking a finger between your heel and the rear end of the shoe. The Peloton shoes run small if your finger doesn’t fit in that space. So you need to go up by a half size or a full.

Sizing Down

If you leave too much toe room in your spinning shoes, your feet will move uncomfortably inside, putting extra pressure on your leg muscles. This often happens if the shoes are large or if you have narrow feet. If the space between your heel and the rear end of the shoe is enough to fit a finger, you have to size down.

But What If I Have Already Bought A Wider Pair Of Peloton Shoes?

As a creature of habit, you might have given in to the temptation of buying a wider pair of cycling shoes. However, it is OK to have a little extra room for your toes to wiggle rather than squeezing the life out of them with narrow shoes. As long as it is not too loose that comes off during spinning, you are OK with the wider pair.

Here’s an intelligent way to solve the problem. You can size down the wider pair of Peloton bike shoes by wearing thick socks to compensate for that extra space.

Final Words

You might be wondering why buying the Peloton bike shoes true to size is such a big deal because it is! Peloton bikes are a great way of staying fit while having fun within the comfort of your room. But it all starts with finding a pair of comfortable cycling shoes for your bike.

With this ultimate Peloton shoe sizing guide, you can now make an informed buying decision for yourself. The same rule applies not only to Peloton but also to other brands. Consider the features like sole material, enclosure system, and accommodation because they affect your overall experience with the shoes.

When it is about shoes, always go for the perfect fit. Please don’t buy a pair based on guesswork because it does more harm than good.

Now let’s go out and find the right size peloton shoe for you. Thank us later!


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