Celebrities With A Peloton Bike or Tread

Celebrities with a Peloton Bike or Tread with Usain Bolt screenshot

Another fun thing about Peloton is if you know celebrities’ usernames, you can see if you are riding with them. Some celebrities post about their Pelotons, and others don’t.

Celebrities ride and run on their Peloton just like us, and there are celebrity events and challenges too. Kevin Hart, Jimmy Fallon, Lizzo, Hugh Jackman, Chris Pratt, Jenna Fischer, Cynthia Erivo, Usher, Billie Eilish, Usain Bolt, and more have Peloton Bikes or Treads.

Below are more celebrities who have Peloton bikes or treadmills. Some stars have posted their usernames, while other peloton riders have independently figured out their usernames. So here is a list of celebrities with Peloton and some of their usernames.


Actors are constantly preparing for their next role in film and TV, so it’s no wonder that many movie stars have Peloton bikes and treadmills.

Actors’ schedules are unique and strange. They can work for multiple months straight and have a few months off before the next movie, or TV show project starts. Because of this, they sometimes spend lots of time at home in between their projects or waiting on set, so having their workout equipment at home or access to equipment near buy, or even the Peloton App is great.

Actors also try to avoid public gyms because many people can come up to them and ask for pictures. This can interrupt their workout time, so most celebrities try to avoid going into public places like that. Instead, they have their workout room at home or go to a private gym, and they often work out with professional instructors and trainers.

When actors need to get into shape for roles, they often get a private celebrity trainer like Simon Waterson to work with them multiple times a day and manage their food intake. The workout is specifically chosen and planned out for them, and so is their food.

For instance, when actors are hired for a significant role like James Bond, they have to look the part. So, actors have to stay in shape to keep themselves ready for any role for any movie or TV show.

Peloton has 007-themed classes, and in 2021 for the launch of The movie No Time To Die, not only did instructors Ben Aldis and Leanne Hainsby go to the film’s premiere, but Ben also interviewed Simon Waterson, Daniel Craig’s trainer, on Instagram live too.

Whether they are playing superheroes or royalty from the 1800s, actors need to stay fit and active, and with or without a personal trainer, Peloton’s a great way to do this. That way, when a role comes their way, they can get to training for their specific role without having a difficult transition.

Actors can train and get into character through working out, and they will be more capable of the workouts because they are already in shape.

Actor Name
Username (if known)
Andrea BarberSpinny_Gibbler
Candace Cameron Bruecandyrock
Jaime Camiljaimecamil
Sam Claflinsamclaf
Ellen DeGeneresN/A
Cynthia ErivoN/A
Jimmy FallonN/A
Jenna FischerN/A
Tiffany HaddishN/A
Hugh JackmanN/A
Rob LoweN/A
Chris PrattN/A
Ben StillerN/A
Sofia VergaraN/A
Al RokerN/A
Kate HudsonN/A

Singers and Musicians

Many in the music business have Peloton bikes and treadmills. One celebrity even has a video of herself singing while running on the Peloton treadmill. Lizzo saw a video of Miley Cyrus singing while running on a treadmill, so she decided to do the same thing with her Peloton.

Singers and musicians may not need to stay fit in the same way that actors and athletes do, but their image and health are still crucial for many of them to maintain which is why many of them have a Peloton and also contribute to the platform with themed classes.

The style of music based rides by specific groups and artists is varied too, which goes to show how well connected all music is with Peloton.

Singer Name
Username (if known)
Jake OwenCoconutMan81
Joe Jonascup_of_joe
Debbie GibsonDJDebbieG
Melanie CSportySpiceUK
Mel BOfficialMelB
Miley CyrusN/A
Carrie UnderwoodN/A
Pete TongN/A

Pro Athletes

Professional athletes are on the list of people who have Peloton equipment at their homes. Their job is to play basketball, baseball, football, soccer, swimming, gymnastics, drive race cars, and so much more, and as much as they have professional coaches, Peloton can still play its part.

Because playing sports is their job, they have to be in shape for their sport constantly. Therefore, these athletes are constantly training and working out for their sport.

Listed at the beginning of the article is Usain Bolt. He runs and is the fastest man alive. So, one can imagine that he runs outside and does at-home workouts quite a bit. But, for his specific sport, cardio is essential.

So the Peloton equipment like the stationary bike and the treadmill can be great for him. Usain Bolt is one of the celebrities whose username is known. His username is UsainBolt. So, if you see his name in a Peloton class, you know you’re taking the same class as an Olympic medalist, and even on the bike, he’s fast – I can’t keep up with him!

Other pro athletes have Peloton equipment. Some play golf, drive, are weightlifters, surfers, lacrosse players, wrestlers, UFC fighters, and hockey players. Of course, a lot of famous athletes have their usernames known too.

Some famous swimmers that use Peloton equipment are Micheal Phelps, Matt Grevers, and Kathleen Baker. There aren’t known usernames for everyone, but Kathleen Baker’s username is “KathleenBaker.” So if you see that username appear on a Peloton run or a bike ride, it is her!

Some well-known soccer players have Peloton machines as well. A couple of notable ones are Megan Rapinoe and David Beckham.

There is also a known UFC fighter who uses Peloton, Conor McGregor. Their usernames are unknown, but you can keep a lookout for their names while riding in case you find out for yourself.

There are more runners that star in track and field. These famous athletes include Usain Bolt, Allyson Felix, Colleen Quigley, Scout Bassett, and Andre De Grasse.

All of their usernames are known, and like above, Usain’s is “UsainBolt.” The others are “AllysonFelix”, “steeplesquigs”, “ScoutBassett”, and “AndreDeGrasse”.

Tennis is a very entertaining sport to watch, and many famous athletes are incredibly well-known for their tennis skills, but they are also good on their Peloton Bikes and Treads too – I can vouch for that I’ve taken classes with a few of them.

The famous tennis players with Peloton are Venus Williams, Monica Puig, Victoria Azarenka, Roger Federer, John Isner, Angelique Kerber, and Martina Navratilova. The last four have known usernames. In the order used before, Roger is “federer1”, John is “jisner85”, Angelique is “AngeliqueKerber,” and Martina is “plutik.”

Many baseball players own a Peloton product as well. Derek Holland, Michael Morse, Mike Napoli, and Michele Smith. Derek’s username is “DutchOven45”, Michael’s name is “MorseCode38”, and Mike’s name is “MikeNap12”.

Baseball requires a lot of sprinting from one base to another, so no wonder these athletes want top-of-the-line equipment to keep themselves in shape for games, and there are Peloton classes perfect for this.

Basketball players need to be good at cardio and have good stamina too. They run up and down the court while dribbling a ball, so it’s easy to see that they like excellent equipment that will help them in their game. Some players with Peloton are Stephen Curry, Draymond Green, Rick Fox, Gordon Hayward, Christian Laettner, and Dawn Stanley. Two of these players have known usernames: “Spartyon23” for Draymond and “XFOXRICK” for Rick Fox.

There are a lot of hockey players that have Peloton machines, and some of their usernames are known. Morgan Rielly and Bruce Cassidy do not have their usernames known, but many do. For example, Johnathan Bernier is “jobern,” Cassie Campbell is “ccp2010”, Eric Joyce is “ericjamesjoyce,” Roberto Luongo is “Strombone1”, Marc Methot is “marcmethot,” Nate Thompson is “NThompson44”, and Tyler Toffoli is “TylerToff.”

And in Motorsport, former Formula 1 and Indycar driver, and current Goodwood Festival of Speed Hill Climb record holder Max Chilton with the username “MaxChilton”, is a Peloton fan and posts on social media about it too.

Max Chilton Peloton Bike screenshot

The longest list of known athletes with Peloton are the football players and the golfers. Here are the athletes with Peloton and their usernames (if applicable):

Player Name
Username (if known)
Russell WilsonDangeRussWilson
Justin TuckerN/A
Joe Staleychip74js
Richard ShermanRideout25
Kyle RudolphN/A
Geoff SchwartzGSchwartz7474
Cam Newtonceboog1e
DJ MooreGivmemoore
Gardner MinshewGardnerMinshew
Booger McFarlandbooger9494
Baker MayfieldBRM6
Patrick Mahomes2PM
Matt Leinartmattyice111
Mike Golic, JrN/A
Adrian ColbertThePeltonDonx
Jay CulterCulter6
Kam ChancellorTheHybridOne
Cliff AvrilMrSackFumble
Troy Aikman25back

Above was a list of football players and their Peloton usernames. Below is a list of pro golfers and their usernames. Each of these athletes has a piece of Peloton equipment.

Golfer Name
Username (if known)
Lee WestwoodWesty1973
Bubba Watsonbubbawatson
Jimmy WalkerJimmyWalkerPGA
Justin Thomasjlthomas34
Annika SorenstamAnnika59
Brandt Snedekerbsneds
Adam Scottaussiescotty
Rory Mcllroyrors89
Catriona Matthewbeany25
Brooks KoepkaBlakeKoepka
Billy HorschelBillyHo23
Charley Hoffmancharleyhoffman
Ricky Barnes realrickybarnes
Cara Bankscarabanks

Television and Reality TV

Like movie stars, television stars and reality TV stars are also known to have Peloton bikes and treadmills. These celebs have very well-known names and have a significant social media presence.

This means that if they went out to a public gym, they would be followed by paparazzi and fans. So, having top-of-the-line gym equipment at home is much more convenient for them.

You would think celebrities with Peloton bikes, and treadmills are the Kardashians and the Jenners. Unfortunately, according to their social media posts, they do not seem to have Peloton bikes or treadmills, but maybe they do and want to stay private?

There are, however, other reality TV stars that do have Peloton equipment.

People from Real Housewives and the contestants from the Bachelor and Bachelorette are known to be big Peloton riders and runners. They often like to share on social media when they work out and when they join Peloton classes.

Posting on social media is a big part of their job for these TV stars. So many people like to see what they are up to every day, so they post about their day on social media to increase their followers. This means a lot of their usernames are public knowledge as well!

And there are 100s of Influencers who jump on their Peloton Bike or Tread and post about it after, so look out for those people too.

TV Star Name
Username (if known)
Chelsea DeBoerChelsdoboer
Teddi Mellencampteddiemellencamp
Kyle RichardsKyleRichards
Emily Simpsonemily_esq
Tyler Camerontylerjcameron3
Jordan Rodgersjrodgers11
Wells AdamsWellsAdams
Kaitlyn BristoweSpindyCrawford
Blake HorstmannBalockaye
Astrid LockeSugT23

Peloton Instructors

Peloton Celebrities instructors are famous with image of Cody Rigsby

Peloton instructors are now famous in their own right, and Cody Rigsby appeared and was the second runner-up on the US TV show Dancing with the Stars in 2021.

On social media, many of them have gained a significant following. Many people who have Peloton bikes or treadmills have their favorite instructors whose classes they like a lot. If you have a favorite instructor, the chances are good that you follow them on social media. You will notice that these celebrities gain big followings, so they are well known in their circles.

Apart from instructors, other fitness influencers have Peloton bikes or treadmills that they love. For example, Kate Hudson is one of the founders of Fabletics, and she has a Peloton bike. She has talked about it in interviews and has mentioned that she loves and is obsessed with riding her bike.

Political Figures and Industry Leaders

As far as my research reveals, not many political figures publicly say they have a Peloton. However, there are a few famous names from politics that I do know have a Peloton.

These people are instantly recognizable, so it makes sense that they have at-home workout equipment. Of course, many celebs will be bombarded by fans and paparazzi if they go to public gyms, but these political figures could even put their lives in danger if they exercised in public.

Barack Obama and Michelle Obama have Peloton bikes. Barack Obama even stated in an interview that he likes to get on the bike at 8 am each morning for his bike ride. Unfortunately, people do not know their usernames, likely due to safety reasons. The Obama family focuses on fitness and health, and their safety is a priority.

US President Joe Biden also has a Peloton bike. However, in March 2021, when he was moving into the White House, there were concerns about bringing his Peloton bike to the White House. People were worried about the security risks of having it located in the white house.

But, the situation was quickly resolved, and they figured out the necessary security details for President Biden to have his Peloton bike at the White House.

And in UK politics, in 2021, the Peloton Bike has become so well known and connected with politicians and senior civil service figures they have been told to “…get off their Peloton exercise bikes and return to work in their offices.” according to Conservative Party chairman Oliver Dowden.

And UK Prime Miniter Rishi Sunak uses his Peloton Bike as part of his morning routine and says “I’m a huge Cody Rigsby fan”.

And in business, some billionaires ride and run on their Peloton too, just ask Richard Branson.

Other Peloton Celebrity Moments

And it’s not just real-life celebrities who use a Peloton; there was a great deal of controversy when Sex and the City character Mr. Big, played by Chris North, dies after taking a class. And it’s not unusual to spot a bike or Tread in TV shows and films too – yes, even the actual products are famous on their own.

So if you want to ride or ride with some of the world’s most famous people, Peloton’s the place to see and be seen.


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