How to Fit a Peloton Bike in a Small Space

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Are you wondering how to fit your Peloton Bike in a small space? Are you trying to decide the best place to put your Peloton Bike at home? Do you want to know the key things you should consider when fitting your Peloton Bike into a small space?

Officially a Peloton Bike requires floor space of 107 inches by 71 inches and a ceiling height of 8 feet, but it can be used in an even smaller space. There are easy ways to squeeze a Peloton Bike into your home, such as putting it into the corner of a room or fitting it behind your furniture. But ensure there’s plenty of ventilation from a window or fan.

Read on to find out more about how you can fit your Peloton Bike or Bike+ in a small space while still being able to enjoy it to the max.

What are the dimensions of a Peloton Bike and Bike+? 

It’s good to know the different dimensions so you can measure your space appropriately to work out if it will be suitable to fit a Peloton Bike.

You will need to consider the bike’s dimensions and the free space required around the bike for you to use it properly, and a good guide for this is the Peloton Bike Mat.

The dimensions for the mat Pelton sell for the Bike and Bike+, which is what I use and measured, is just under 72 inches in length by 36 inches in width they say on their website (91 cm x 181 cm), and in theory, a little more space than this will be enough.

Dimensions for a Peloton Bike 

The Peloton Bike’s total dimensions are a length of 59 inches (149 cm), a height of 53 inches (135 cm), and a width of 23 inches (58 cm).

The user height limit for the bike is 6 foot 5 inches (195cm), and the weight limit is 297lbs (135 kg), and somebody just 4 foot 11 inches (150cm) can ride it perfectly, so it’s very flexible when it comes to riders, inc fact I have a friend who’s a little bit taller than 6 foot 5 inches, and he rides his bike no problem at all.

A Peloton Bike weighs a total of 135lbs (61kg), but because it has wheels it’s relatively simple to move in and out of position.

Dimensions for a Peloton Bike+ 

The Peloton Bike+ has slightly different dimensions; they are a length of 59 inches (149 cm), a height of 59 inches (135 cm), and a width of 22 inches (58 cm).

Like the regular Peloton Bike, the Bike+ rider height range between 4 foot 11 inches and 6 foot 5, and the weight limit is 297lbs (135 kg).

A Peloton Bike+ weighs a total of 140lbs (63 kg), but again it has wheels and is therefore easy to move in and out of position.

Space for a Peloton Bike or Bike+

Keep in mind that when looking for a space to fit your Peloton Bike, you need the space to be bigger than simply the dimensions of the bike itself and, depending on if you want to do classes that use weights while on the bike, or classes that don’t use the Bike or Bike+, like stretching, yoga or strength classes, then space for this should be available. But don’t forget you can use the Peloton App to stream to a TV these classes, so the area doesn’t need to be next to your Peloton Bike.

There are many different creative ways people fit their Peloton Bikes into small spaces. 

One great tip to note is that if you are tight on space, you could quickly push a piece of furniture aside whenever you need to use your Peloton Bike. 

So, if your bike fits in the room in terms of floor space but there isn’t enough space to meet the recommended requirement of space around the bike, you could move the furniture to make enough room when you use the bike, then move it back once you’re finished exercising! 

For example, if you decide to put your bike in the living room, you could place your Peloton Bike behind the sofa and then push the couch forward a couple of inches when you need to use the bike to make enough space around the bike when you’re working out. 

See below on how to move a Peloton for tips on how you could instead move the Peloton Bike itself into place and then away again. 

Where could I put my Peloton Bike? 

In a storage room 

A Peloton Bike could fit in a storage room in your house, which you don’t regularly use. If you can clear enough space in the room, it could become the perfect place to ride your bike.

You could also store your Peloton Bike in a small room and then bring it out into a bigger space when you need to use it. 

Behind your furniture 

You might be able to place your Peloton Bike behind the furniture in your living room.

Many people choose to slide their Peloton Bike alongside their furniture, as this is often a room with a lot of light and some windows, which are beneficial features for exercising. 

In your office

Your home office may have enough space to squeeze a Peloton Bike into a corner. 

In your garage

A small corner of a garage will be adequate space for a Peloton Bike to fit (note that a Peloton is not suitable for damp or wet conditions).

Space for stretching / other classes off the bike

It’s good to keep in mind that as you’re going to be doing exercise, you’ll need some space to stretch beforehand and afterward.

If your bike is in the living room, this could be perfect because you may be able to easily transition from stretching on your living room floor to hopping on or off your Peloton Bike. 

Because you can access the Peloton classes on devices other than the Peloton’s screen (such as a laptop or iPad), you don’t need to be in the same room as the bike when participating in classes off the bike. 

This means that you can have your Peloton tucked away in one of your rooms and use a different space to stretch if necessary. 

What is the airflow needed around the Peloton Bike or Bike+?

You will need to allow regular airflow into whichever room you choose to place your Peloton Bike. 

If you have the recommended space around the bike, this will help allow sufficient airflow around your Peloton Bike while riding.

You could choose a space with a window available and open this while using the bike to increase the airflow. You can also use air conditioning if you’re lucky enough to have that option available.

If you’re near windows, leave them open after riding to allow the space to ventilate because you’ve probably worked hard, and nobody wants the place to smell like a sweaty gym.

If it is not an option to place your Peloton Bike near a window, you could purchase a fan to help with airflow while you’re using the bike.

A fan will help keep the room cooler as you ride the bike and ventilation the hot air generated during workouts.

I’m lucky enough to have windows to the side and rear of my Peloton Bike+ and Tread; the room is also air-conditioned, by the number one way to keep me cool is my fan, as this feels more natural.

How can I move my Peloton Bike or Bike+ into place and then put it away again? 

Image of Peloton Bike+ feet and text saying How can I move my Peloton Bike

If you’ve decided the easiest way to fit your Peloton Bike into your home is to store it away and bring it out when you need to use it, then there are some ways to make this process smoother and keep the bike safe. 

Using the wheels on the Peloton Bike 

A Peloton Bike has two small wheels attached to the front of the stand, which will make it a lot easier to move it in and out of place as needed. 

This means when you want to move your bike, you can lift it from the back to stand on the two wheels at the front stand.

Once you’re holding onto the back of the bike, you can slowly push the bike forward and move it into place. 

Keeping Peloton Bike accessories out of the way 

To maximize your use of space even further, you can keep your Peloton Bike accessories tidy by using show hooks or wall hooks. 

You might even be able to attach a shoe holder to the back of your Peloton Bike to keep things neat and tidy.

So that’s my guide to using the space you have effectively and making your Peloton space as good as it can be.


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