Is it OK to Ride Your Peloton Bike Every Day?

Peloton Bike+ screen with daily exercise graph and text saying Is it OK to Ride Your Peloton Bike Every Day?

Are you curious about whether you can ride your Peloton Bike every day? Are you wondering about the potential problems you might encounter from daily rides on your Peloton Bike? Do you want to find out how you can increase how often you use your Peloton Bike?

Most regular riders should not try to ride a Peloton Bike every day. This could be dangerous and cause muscle damage and overuse injuries. To prevent injury in between rides, attending the other Peloton member classes allow users to stretch and strengthen their muscles and keep active when they aren’t riding. 

Read on to find out how often it is safe to ride your Peloton Bike and the best ways to increase your exercise time on the bike.

What are the risks of riding my Peloton Bike too much? 

Riding your Peloton Bike too often can lead to injury, including muscle damage. 

Muscles need to rest.

When you start using the bike, you’re engaging your muscles in intensive work they may not be used to doing, which can lead to damage.

Muscles need time to rest and repair after engaging in strenuous exercise; otherwise, they will not have time to build strength.

Overuse injuries

If you ride too often without allowing your muscles the time to build strength, your muscles will not be able to cope with the intensity of the workouts, which may cause injury from muscle overuse. 

It’s normal to feel a bit sore after working out, but extreme soreness which gets worse instead of better can be the result of riding your Peloton Bike too much. If you feel like your pain is getting worse, you should visit your doctor.

Exhaustion and sleep issues

Over-exercising can also lead to exhaustion, and you may feel burnt out. At the same time, doing too much exercise can cause difficulties sleeping. 

Decrease in stamina and strength

If you continuously use your Peloton Bike without rest periods, you will notice a decrease in your stamina and strength instead of an increase. 

These reasons show why it’s essential to take precautionary measures when planning how often to ride your Peloton Bike. 

How many days a week should I ride my Peloton Bike? 

The number of days you should ride your Peloton Bike per week will depend on your goals with riding, the intensity of your sessions, and the length of your sessions.

Remember that riding every day could be dangerous for your body, whatever your goals are. 

Fitness is something we must develop over time, so riding every day as a beginner will not make you more fit; it will cause your muscles damage. It would be best if you worked on your stamina over time instead.

Riding for fitness

If your goal is to increase your fitness, three days a week will be a significant amount to allow you to improve both your stamina and your muscle strength.

It will likely feel tough to embark on three sessions a week, so you might feel better starting off with one or two sessions and increasing the number as you get fitter.

It may be safe to work in short sessions around three to four times a week or two longer sessions twice a week.

Always make sure to stretch before and after using your bike.

Riding to improve existing endurance

Users who are already used to lots of exercise might feel happy to exercise even more frequently, perhaps as often as every other day.

Vary the intensity each time, perhaps doing a shorter, intense session on one day, then taking a rest day, then doing a more extended, varied resistance session the day after.

However, it’s still recommended that you take rest days in between so that your body can recover. 

Heighten the intensity of your sessions instead of adding more sessions

The best way to improve your fitness if you’re already used to working out is to heighten the intensity of your sessions, not to push yourself to work out every day. 

Even if you’re in great physical shape, your muscles still need time to rest in between workout sessions, so it is still inadvisable to ride your Peloton Bike every single day. 

How can I safely increase the number of times a week I ride? 

The best and safest way to increase the number of times a week that you use your Peloton Bike is by taking it slow.

Rushing yourself will not be effective and could cause injury. 

Start slow

If you’re entirely new to cycling, try starting with one or two twenty to thirty-minute rides per week.

Choose classes with varied intensity.

The best thing to do during these rides is to use a varied resistance level to build up your strength in the sessions.

This means that if you’re attending a class, you should choose high bursts of intensity and moments where the speed and resistance slow. 

Add in some extra sessions.

After a few weeks of this progress, try adding in an extra session per week and making some of your sessions longer, perhaps undertaking forty-five-minute to hour-long classes.

Try working in some lower intensity sessions. 

You can also add some lower intensity rides between your higher intensity sessions. Doing this will allow you to continue to make progress on improving your stamina without causing damage to your muscles from overworking them. 

Attend the other Peloton classes

The Peloton subscription allows you access to a wide range of classes, not just on the Peloton Bike but also on an exercise mat or the floor. 

Peloton classes include detailed stretching exercises designed specifically for people working out on the Peloton Bike.

Doing stretching or yoga classes on your rest days will be a great way to help safely increase your number of rides, as it’ll help your muscles to recover before you embark on your next bike session fully.

There are also classes for strength training and endurance training, so when you are taking a break from cycling, you can still participate in a wide range of other class activities to continue your fitness journey. 

Watch out for any injuries.

If you feel an unusual amount of soreness or pain as you’re increasing the number of times a week you ride, take a step back and don’t push yourself too hard. 

Reduce the sessions for a week and see how you feel, then start back up again by slowly increasing the number of rides. 

Do not start back up if the pain has gotten worse. If the pain continues to get worse, visit your doctor as you may have damaged your muscles.

What is the average number of Peloton rides people do per week? 

Usually, the recommended number of average usages per week on a Peloton Bike is three bike classes a week. 

Most people will do around two or three classes a week, but of course, it depends on their intensity level and their fitness goals.

Some professional riders may ride every day, but they will not be doing high-level intensity every single day without stopping.

Professional riders will vary their training to achieve the best strength training results and ensure they do not get injured.

Should you do more than one Peloton ride in a day? 

This depends on your fitness level. Beginners are highly advised against doing more than one session in a day.

It might be possible to undertake two rides in a day if you have built up stamina and strength already with the bike. 

If you are going to try doing more than one ride, be sure to do a lower intensity ride the second time, and if you feel any severe pains, stop immediately.                 

Doing two rides in a day will make it even more essential that you stretch before and after each ride.

How often do I ride my Peloton bike?

I have a Peloton Bike+ and a Peloton Tread so I vary my sessions as I like to exercise every day when possible. I’ve gone past Peloton’s 60-Day Streak and stayed injury-free too, so it’s more than possible to exercise every day for a prolonged period of time.

As a general rule, I train at least 6 days a week in that time take 3 Bike and 3 Tread sessions, but I also incorporate one low-impact cycling class and one of Adrian William’s Thunder 45 Tread Bootcamp classes in those.

Another rule I have is stretching every day. I stretch for at least 10 minutes after every Peloton class and also in the evening before bed for at least 15 minutes, but sometimes much more, and I also follow a flexibility plan outside of the Peloton platform focused on my hips, back and calf muscles as these areas are a weak point for me.


I'm the owner of a Peloton Bike+ and Tread, as well as all the accessories too. You'll find me on the Peloton Leaderboard as AdrianFleming, so feel free to send me a High-Five if you see me. #PeloClub


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