Peloton Century Club – The Complete Guide

Peloton Century Club Complete Guide and picture of Century Club T-Shirt Welcome letter

Peloton’s Century Club incentivizes workouts and rewards for meeting your goals, especially as completing 100 rides is a good target for new members. But, of course, it’s nice to be rewarded for all that sweat and hard work too. But the free t-shirts will be discontinued after the 15th. March 2023.

The Peloton Century Club is a program that buyers can join once they complete 100 sessions in one area of their training. It does not cost anything extra to join this club, but users still need to pay for an all-access membership. Club members get a free T-shirt after hitting goals!

The Century Club is yet another benefit Peloton customers enjoy, and that’s motivating, but there’s more that comes from exercising with the Peloton trainers.

In addition, Peloton rewards customers for completing exercises with prizes and challenges. So keep reading to learn about the Century Club and what you’ll get for joining it!

What is the Century Club?

For many, working out is only a temporary activity, not a well-developed habit. So to keep their members motivated, Peloton offers prizes for those who complete challenges.

The Century Club challenge truly encourages Peloton customers to keep working out and form healthy habits.

How do you join the Century Club?

The Century Club does not admit members through a payment plan. Instead, Pelotons join the club when they complete 100 sessions in one training area.

Let me explain; if you complete 30 cycling sessions, 50 running sessions, and 20 strength training sessions, you will not be admitted to the Century Club; however, after you finish 100 cycling, running, or strength training sessions, you will qualify to join this prestigious club.

Your 100 sessions can be completed in any available Peloton class categories. In addition, there are many different class categories listed on the Peloton website:

  • Strength
  • Yoga
  • Outdoor Running, Walking and Hiking
  • Stretching
  • Indoor Cycling
  • Bootcamps
  • Meditation
  • Indoor Running, Walking and Hiking
  • Boxing
  • Cardio and HIIT
  • Pilates
  • Barre
  • Pre and Postnatal

As you can see, some workouts cater to everyone’s preferences, and there are more and more being developed as you read this.

You can join the workouts by downloading the Peloton app and getting a membership. Still, previously the Century Club challenge was once offered to all Peloton memberships; however, since September 2021, the challenge is only available to all-access members, which is those with full memberships for Peloton Hardware like the Bike, Bike+, and Tread.

The all-access membership costs $39/month in the USA and provides your entire household with access to the Peloton app and exercises. Unfortunately, this membership is only available for those who own a Peloton Bike, Bike+, Tread, or Tread+.

If you use the app, you might prefer the individual-user membership for just $13/month. This membership gives you access to the Peloton app and does not require any Peloton equipment. However, this membership will not qualify you for the Century Club challenge.

Once you have an all-access membership, start completing your sessions! Keep track of your session in the Peloton app. These sessions are recorded in milestones. Milestones are recorded after 1, 10, 25, 50, and 75 workouts. Milestones continue being recorded until your 5,000th session in each category.

After you complete 100 sessions in one training category, you will receive an email from Peloton. This email will congratulate you on your accomplishment and provide you with the information to claim your prize.

In this case, Peloton will reward you with the Century Club shirt, exclusive to those who complete the challenge. If you do not receive an email within a week of completing 100 sessions, contact Peloton’s online support to obtain your t-shirt. It would also be wise to check your spam folder.

Once you join the Century Club, you will not be readmitted for completing 100 sessions in another category. However, you will continue to earn badges in the app for other classes in which you complete 100 sessions.

As mentioned earlier, the all-access membership allows you to add multiple people to the account. In addition, each member can complete the Century Club challenge and earn a Century Club shirt.

The Century Club Shirt

The Century Club shirt is a fun way for Peloton users to feel rewarded for their hard work and achievements. The shirt is essentially a celebration of your 100th session in one workout category.

However, the t-shirt was discontinued on the 15th. March 2023.

Do not just view the Century Club challenge as a way to get a free t-shirt. Instead, use this program as motivation to develop a healthy exercise habits.

What does the Century shirt look like?

The Century Club shirt is only available in black and features the word “Peloton” printed in white on the front. Additionally, a white 100 can be seen on the sleeve, symbolizing your accomplishment.

Not only is the shirt free, but so is shipping!

The Century Club shirt is made from a soft cotton material, which is a shame. Since it is not an athletic material, most prefer to wear it casually rather than when they work out.

Regardless, Century Club members report that the shirt is comfortable to wear, and they also enjoy the tangible symbol of their accomplishment.

Shirts are designed with crew necks and unisex sizing. Women find that it is true to size; however, some men say it runs a little small compared to most US sizes, but in the UK and Germany, it’s true to size as these countries are used to a slightly different fit. As such, men should consider ordering a size up if they want a loose and comfortable Century Club T-shirt.

Because the Century Club shirt is made from cotton, it can shrink. Wash your Century shirt in cold water to prevent shrinking. And in my experience, the color will not fade too much over time.

Since the shirt is free, do not expect quick shipping. Depending on where you live, it could take as few as a week or as many as eight weeks for your Century shirt to arrive.

Still not convinced that the Century shirt is worth the accomplishment? Think again. A similar shirt sold by Peloton costs $48 at regular pricing. The cheapest women’s top sold by Peloton is about $30, and then men’s is $38. To get a Peloton shirt for free is one heck of a deal!

Currently, this is the only challenge hosted by Peloton that rewards users with a shirt. However, other challenges and programs can earn you Peloton rewards. We will briefly cover these programs later on.

How to Complete 100 Workout Sessions

Even with the promise of a free t-shirt, finding the motivation to stick with a training program might be a challenge. So how can you add working out to your daily habits? Follow these suggestions to help develop this healthy habit.

Schedule It

Set a specific time that you will work out each day. Everyone’s schedules are different, so you will need to find the time that works best for you. Whether in the morning or the evening, stick with it.

Inevitably, life will sometimes get in the way of your scheduled workout. If you skip a workout, get back with the program as soon as possible. We are trying to develop healthy habits, not break them! Unless it is an emergency, complete your workout.

If you tend to forget about working out, set a reminder for 30 minutes before. This gives you time to prepare and finish what you are doing.

You might consider scheduling all your other daily habits as well, such as going for a walk, scrolling through social media, or visiting with friends. Creating and following a routine can help increase time spent on healthy habits and reduce the time spent on others.

Do Something You Like

Working out is not something that should seem like a burden. On the contrary, it is a great way to stay in shape, reduce stress, and feel more confident.

Make sure you find a workout that you enjoy. As mentioned earlier, Peloton has many different workout categories for you to choose from:

  • Strength
  • Yoga
  • Meditation
  • Cardio
  • Stretching
  • Cycling
  • Outdoor
  • Running
  • Walking
  • Tread Bootcamp
  • Bike Bootcamp

Try out each of the workout categories to find your preferred exercise style. Also, try the challenges and pre-defined programs too.

If you prefer to work out with friends, invite a group to complete the Peloton sessions together. You can also challenge other Peloton members to add a bit of competition to your workout. Whatever you need to do to enjoy working out, do it.

Start Small

Unless your body is already used to intense workouts, you should not jump into the most challenging class available. Working your body harder than it is ready for will lead to exhaustion or injury. So instead, ease your body into this new habit.

Doing so will make it easier to adjust your whole lifestyle, and you will be less likely to quit. However, if you stop exercising, it could result in a “Yo-yo” effect. In other words, any progress you noticed might quickly disappear.

Eat Healthily

Working out consistently is easier when you feed your body the right fuel. While eating healthy is an entirely separate habit that must be developed, it is crucial when you’re trying to stick with the Peloton program.

When you pair healthy eating with the Peloton workouts, you will see faster, more sustainable results. If results aren’t enough motivation to solidify the habit of working out, I don’t know what is.

Even better, as you see results, you will feel healthier and more motivated to work out. It is a beautiful cycle.

Other Peloton Rewards and Challenges

Need some extra motivation to stick with the program? Peloton delivers several challenges and programs to encourage users to continue to build upon their habits.

As mentioned earlier, the Century Club is the only Peloton challenge that gi users a free t-shirt. While rumors of other rewards often circulate online, they are usually not true. But what is the incentive for completing their other challenges then?

The only other program run by Peloton that provides some physical reward is their referral program.

For every person who makes a Peloton Hardware purchase using your referral code, you will receive $100 of boutique credit. This credit can be used to purchase Peloton gear and clothing. In addition, those you refer will also receive $100 towards buying a Peloton bundle (bike and tread).

Depending on where you live, you can refer up to 6 or 12 friends a year.

You cannot redeem multiple referral credits at the same time. There are some exclusions to which products the credit can be redeemed. You must also spend the whole $100 on one order. If your subtotal is less than $100, the leftover credit is gone. Additionally, you will be responsible for paying for shipping unless you spend enough to earn free shipping on the site.

The referral program is only available to Peloton users with a Bike, Bike+, Tread, or tread+.

Other than the Century Club, Peloton motivates its users with monthly challenges. Before we discuss what you get for completing each of the Peloton challenges, let’s first discuss the challenges. Every month, Peloton tasks its users with completing two challenges.

Every month the challenge pair changes. For example, it could be an Activity-based challenge, a Cycling challenge, or a Running Challenge.

Activity challenges award bronze badges to users who work out five times throughout the month. Those who work out on 10 or 15 days of the month will earn a silver or gold badge, respectively.

The Cycling challenge awards a bronze to those who ride 50 miles that month, silver to those who go 100 miles, and gold to those who ride 150 miles.

Badges are awarded in the running challenge to those who ride 10, 25, and 40 miles.

Need more than just a monthly challenge to keep you motivated? Not a problem. Peloton also hosts an annual and seasonal challenge to keep users actively engaged.

Peloton rewards users with a milestone badge for every thousand minutes they spend moving, mobilizing, and meditating for the entire year. Peloton users can earn a maximum of 10 badges (the final when they’ve reached 10,000 minutes). After the ten standard badges, Peloton has thrown in a bonus badge at 15,000 minutes.

While these milestones might seem too high, their entire purpose is to motivate you! So don’t aim for low goals; work towards the hard ones.

Occasionally, Peloton will also host a seasonal challenge to motivate its users further. For example, in 2019, Peloton hosted a “Winter Launch Challenge.”

To complete the challenge, users needed to work out every day for 30 days. Like the other challenges, the purpose of the winter challenge was to help users develop healthier habits. This challenge came right in time for New Year’s Resolutions too!

While these challenges do not reward you with a t-shirt or physical object, you will feel rewarded. How so? Complete a few of Peloton’s monthly, seasonal, or annual challenges and look in the mirror. You will be healthier and stronger than you were before the challenge. Feel proud to be a Peloton member!

You can also expect to follow members to give you a high-five, especially if you’ve worked out for a few days in a row too.

And if that’s not enough, one of the most significant rewards people can get is a shout-out during a live ride from the instructor. So if you’ve hit a milestone like the first ride or run, all the way up to some people who’ve taken 1,000s, or it’s your birthday, listen out as you may just get congratulated live in the class.

Becoming a healthier, more capable person should be enough of a reward, but a free t-shirt is always a nice perk too. So we look forward to Peloton’s next milestone rewards program.


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